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GP-22 - Handheld GPS Receiver


Quick Specs:
Handheld GPS receiver
Position accuracy: 15 m
Receiving sensitivity: -130 dBm
Operating time: up to 300 minutes


Detailed specifications


  • Receiving Method: 5 channels, parallel receiver (1575.42 MHz)
  • Receiving Sensitivity: -130 dBm
  • Position Accuracy: 15 m RMS (GDOP 6), 2D RMS
  • Display: LCD with backlighting (2 lines, 7 segments)
  • Memory Back-up: 5 years with lithium battery
  • Usable Temperature Range: -10ºC to +50ºC; +14ºF to +122ºF
  • Dimensions: 65(W) x 131(H) x 35(D) mm, 2 9/16(W) x 5 5/32(H) x 1 3/8 (D) in (including rechargeable battery.) : 65(W) x 131(H) x 52(D) mm, 2 9/16(W) x 5 5/32(H) x 2 1/16 (D) in (including alkaline batteries.)
  • Weight: 330 g; 11.6 oz (including rechargeable battery) 420 g: 14.7 oz. (Including alkaline batteries.)
  • Operating Times: 80 minutes of continuous use with the rechargeable battery. 300 minutes of continuous use with 5 (R6) alkaline batteries.
  • Operating Temperature: 10ºC to +35ºC; +50ºF to +95ºF
  • Dimensions: 66(W) x 34(H) x 130(D) mm, 2 5/8(W) x 1 3/8(H) x 5 1/8 (D) in
  • Weight: 100g; 3.5 oz

GP-22 Options

    For proper reception of GPS signals, the GP-22 must be used out-of-doors with a clear view of the sky. However, the OPK-4's external antenna allows you to use the GP-22 almost anywhere- in a ship's cabin, a car, etc. The OPK-4's cigarette lighter cable enables connection to external power sources for a battery conservation. With a 7 m (23ft) antenna cable and 2 m (6.6 ft) cigarette lighter cable, operating flexibility is guaranteed. In addition, the OPK-4 supports NMEA system connections.
    Mounts the OPK-4's external antenna to a ship's mast or a wall.
    Mini plug and BNC connector cable for connecting the GP-22 to Icom navigation equipment via the OPK-4.
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