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IC-M810 - Single Sideband Radiotelephone


Quick Specs:
Single sideband radiotelephone
RX: 0.5 MHz-30 MHz
TX: marine HF bands (see detailed specifications)
Output power: 150 W all modes (60 W above 23 MHz)
Modes: USB, LSB, AM, CW, FSK
Receiver sensitivity: see detailed specifications



The optical fiber advantage
Icom's IC-M810 will change how you think about remote control. The optical fiber advantage gives you direct, immediate, independent and multiple control over the IC-M810. Optical fiber cables send information instantly through beams of light. And they completely eliminate RF feedback from engine noise, refrigeration, etc.

Compact, independent controller
The compact IC-M810 remote controller is completely splash resistant and measures just 287(W) x 112 (H) x 62 (D) mm (11.3 (W) x 4.4 (H) x 2.4 (D) in.). A total of 4 separate remote controllers can be connected to the transceiver, allowing you transceiver control from many places onboard (*++An optional EX-804 EXPANDER UNIT and EX-803 controllers are necessary). Each remote controller can control the transceiver.

160 user-programmable memory channels
Up to 160 memory channels can be programmed into the IC-M810. Each memory channel stores transmit and receive frequencies and operation mode. Also, up to 7 letter and numeral comments can be stored in each memory channel for your reference. Name each memory channel for its function (WX, fax, office, etc.).

848 ITU channels
The IC-M810 is designed with 848 pre-programmed ITU channels. 242 channels are equipped for SSB, 462 channels for FSK modes, and 144 for Simplex operation.

Fully covers all marine bands
The IC-M810 features full transmit and receive coverage of all marine bands from 2.000 through 26.5000 MHz. The IC-M810 is also a full coverage receiver from 0.5 through 30 MHz covering broadcasts, news agency weather information and other frequencies.

150 W output power
The transceiver has 150 W (PEP) output power in all modes (60 W above 23 MHz).

All mode capability
High seas transmission is possible in SSB, AM, CW and FSK modes.

SITOR capability
The IC-M810 is designed for SITOR operation.

Noise blanker
The IC-M810 noise banker eliminates pulse-type noise, such as ignition noise from an engine or motor.

Intercom function*
The remote controllers can also be linked as an intercom system. *An optional EX-804 EXPANDER UNIT and EX-803 controllers are necessary.

Easy-to-read function display
Quickly view all information required for operation using the large, easy-to-read function display. The function display has an adjustable backlight for nighttime operation and can be turned off when not needed.

Detailed Specifications


  • Frequency Coverage: Transmit 2.0000~2.9999 MHz, 4.0000~4.9999 MHz, 6.0000~6.9999 MHz, 8.0000~8.9999 MHz, 12.0000~13.9999 MHz, 16.0000~16.9999 MHz, 18.0000~19.9999 MHz, 22.0000~22.9999 MHz, 25.0000~26.50000 MHz; Receive 0.5000~30.0000 MHz
  • Tuning Step Increment: 100 Hz
  • Modes: J3E (USB, LSB), H3E (AM), R3E (A3A), A1A (CW), J2B (FSK wide, FSK narrow*) *An optional FL-32A CW and RTTY Narrow Filter is necessary for FSK narrow.
  • Number of Channels: User-programmable - 160, ITU (SSB) - 242, ITU (FSK) - 462, Simplex - 144
  • Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms (unbalanced)
  • Power Supply Requirement: 13.6 V DC +/-15% (negative ground)
  • Current Drain (at 13.6 V DC): Transmit 30 A (at max. output power); Receive 2 A (at max. audio output power)
  • Usable Temperature Range: -30°C ~ +60°C
  • Frequency Stability: +/-15 Hz (below 23 MHz, at -30°C ~ +60°C)
  • Dimensions: Main body 287(W) x 112(H) x 325(D) mm; 11.3(W) x 4.4(H) x 12.8(D) in. Remote controller: 287(W) x 112(H) x 62(D) mm; 11.3(W) x 4.4(H) x 2.4(D) in. (projections not included)
  • Weight: Main body 6.5 kg (14.3 lb); Remote controller 1.0 kg (2.2 lb)


  • Output Power: 150 W (PEP) (all modes) (60 W above 23 MHz)
  • Modulation System: Balanced modulation (SSB); Low power modulation (AM)
  • Spurious Emissions: 65 dB below peak output power
  • Carrier Suppression: 50 dB below peak output power (SSB)
  • Unwanted Sideband: 55 dB below peak output power (with 1000 Hz AF input)
  • Microphone Impedance: 600 ohms


  • Receiver System: Double-conversion superheterodyne
  • Intermediate Frequencies: SSB - 1st 69.0115, 2nd 9.0115; CW, FSK - 1st 69.0106, 2nd 9.0106; AM - 1st 69.0100, 2nd 9.0100 (Unit: MHz)
  • Sensitivity: 0.50000~1.79999 MHz - SSB/CW/FSK 6.3 µV, AM 30 µV; 1.80000~30.0000 MHz - SSB/CW/FSK 0.5 µV, AM 3.16 µV (For 12 dB SINAD)
  • Selectivity: SSB 2.3 kHz/-6 dB, 4.2 kHz/-60 dB; AM 6 kHz/-6 dB, 20 kHz/-60 dB; CW, FSK 500 Hz/-6 dB, 1.6 kHz/-60 dB* (*with optional FL-32A CW and RTTY Narrow Filter
  • Spurious Response Rejection: -70 dB
  • Audio Output Power: 5 W
  • Audio Output Impedance: 4~8 ohms
  • Clarity Variable Range: +/-150 Hz

IC-M810 Options

  • AT-130 HR AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER: Allows operation of the IC-M810 where antenna element length is restricted. Match to a 7 m (25 foot) or longer antenna element. AT-120: 2-22 MHz
  • EX-803 REMOTE CONTROLLER: Additional controller for the IC-M810. Allows control from anywhere on the vessel. Optional EX-804 is necessary.
  • EX-804 EXPANDER UNIT: Connect up to 4 EX-803's to the IC-M810.
  • FL-32A CW and RTTY NARROW FILTER: High quality filters provides better CW and RTTY reception. Center frequency 9.0106 MHz, Passband width 500 Hz-6 dB
  • HS-50 HANDSET: Provides clear audio reception and comes in handy for listening privacy.
  • MN-100 ANTENNA MATCHER: Antenna matcher for dipole or whip antennas. Max. feed through power 200 W (PEP); Frequency range 1.5~30 MHz
  • MN-100L ANTENNA MATCHER: Antenna matcher for whip or long-wire antenna. Max. feed through power 200 W (PEP); Frequency range 1.5~30 MHz
  • OPC-420 SHIELDED CONTROL CABLE: Connects the IC-M810 and an optional AT-120. 10 m; 32.8 ft
  • PS-60 AC POWER SUPPLY: AC power supply for coastal station use. Input voltage 100, 117, 220 or 240 V AC; Output voltage 13.6 V DC; Max. current 30 A
  • PS-65 DC-DC CONVERTER: Converts 10.5~16 V DC input to 13.6 V DC for the IC-M810. The PS-65 incorporates a floating ground system, ensuring operating safety. Input voltage 10.5~16 V DC; Output voltage 13.6 V DC; Max. current 30 A
  • PS-66 DC-DC CONVERTER: For use with a 24 V boat battery. The PS-66 incorporates a floating ground system, ensuring operating safety. Input voltage 19~32 V DC; Output voltage 13.6 V DC; Max. current 30 A
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