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IC-208H 2m / 70cm FM mobile transceiver
Rugged 2 meter FM mobile transceiver (Max 50W)
Icom Compact size
Icom 2m/70cm FM transceiver + Wideband receiver
Icom Detachable front panel, separation cable standard
55W VHF and 50W UHF RF output power
Icom Pocket beep and tone scan
Icom Total 512 memory channels with bank link scan
Icom 16DTMF memory channels
Icom Large tuning dial and band switch function
Icom Selective amber, green and yellow display
Icom Selectable squelch attenuator, quells pager interference
Icom 1200/9600 bps packet operation
Icom Built-in duplexer
Icom 104 x 2 DCS, 50 CTCSS tone squelch
PC programmable with optional software and cable
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