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IC-2720H 2m-70cm FM mobile transceiver
Twice the versatility, twice the fun!
Icom Compact size
Icom 2m/70cm FM transceiver plus wideband receive
Icom V/V, V/U U/U simultaneous receive capability
Independent receiver control with separate VFO/VOL/SQL knobs for each band
Icom DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan)
Icom Detachable front panel
Icom 212 memory channels (including 2 call & 10 scan edges)
Icom Wideband receiver covering from
118MHz - 999MHz FM & AM
Icom Selectable squelch delay
Icom Selectable squelch attenuator, quells pager interference
Icom 1200/9600 bps packet operation
Icom Built-in duplexer
Icom Sub-band auto mute function
Icom Standard CTCSS/DTCS/Pocket beep tone signalling with scan tone function
Icom PC programmable with optional software and cable
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