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IC-7000 HF-70cm ultimate transceiver
The High-Performance, Feature-packed Mobile… It Leaves the Others Behind!
Icom HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm transceiver (50/144/430MHz)
Icom Output power is 100W @ HF/6m, 50W @ 2m, 35W @ 70cm
Icom 2.5 inch colour TFT display
Dual IF DSP chips, same as in IC-756PROIII and IC-7800
Icom Digital IF filter system standard, just select and go!
No optional filters to purchase
Icom 2-point manual notch filter
Icom Digital noise reduction and noise blanker
Icom Direct digital synthesis
Icom High stability crystal unit standard, +/- 0.5ppm
Icom Digital voice recorder for transmit and receive
Icom RTTY Demodulator
Icom Multi-function meter and SWR graph function
Icom Compact with detachable front cover using optional cable
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