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IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile transceiver
The Amazing Evolution Still Number One!
Icom HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm transceiver (50/144/430MHz)
Icom Output power
(100W @ HF & 6m, 50W @ 2m and 20W @70cm)
Icom DSP & IF passband tuning, providing superior interference rejection
Noise blanker
Icom Speech compressor
Icom 107 memories with alpha-numeric name capability
Icom Illuminated keys and switches
SWR graph function
Icom Simple band scope
Icom Adjustable SSB carrier point
Icom Built-in electronic keyer function
Icom Semi and full break-in (QSK)
Icom CW reverse function
Icom Vox
Icom Fully removable with optional separation cable and mounting kit
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