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IC-746PRO HF~2m desk-top transceiver
HF + 6 Meter + 2 Meter 100 W, all bands /modes
Icom 100W output power for HF, 50MHz and 144MHz

Incredible digital features include:
32 bit IF-DSP and 24 bit AD/DA converter

Icom 51 digital filter widths, select sharp or soft shapes
All mode digital modulation and demodulation built-in
Icom Digital twin Pass Band Tuning capability
Icom 102 total memory channels independently
Icom Built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder
Icom Selectable tuning shapes for CW and CW, SSB/CW
Icom SSB/CW synchronous tuning, auto and manual notch filters
Icom Digital RF speech compressor
Icom Microphone equalizer
Icom Digital IF filter and manual notch in the AGC loop
Icom Phase shift network noise reduction
Icom CW memory keyer
SWR plot measurement
9600 bps data terminal on rear panel
Band scope
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