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IC-756PROIII HF~6m desk-top transceiver
The 756PRO Series Legacy Continues
Icom New receiver gives +30dBm third order intercept point
Icom Output power 100W
Icom 32-bit floating point DSP + 24 bit A/D converter
DSP AGC user selectable AGC time constant loop operation (IF & notch circuits included in DSP for wider dynamic range)
Icom Electronic keyer standard
Icom Built-in demonstrator / dual peak APF
Icom Microphone equalizer
Icom Automatic notch function
Icom Adjustable noise reduction function

RTTY demodulator and decoder with 8 channels of Tx memory

Icom Real-time spectrum scope with mini-scope function
Icom Adjustable IF notch filter
Icom Dual watch
Icom Triple band stacking register
Icom Built-in memory keyer function, auto tuner and electronic keyer
Digital voice record/play-back facility
Optional voice synthesizer (UT-102)
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