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IC-9100 The all-round transceiver!
The New Dimension in the HF-VHF-UHF-SHF World!
Icom HF to 1200MHz multi-band in one transceive r
(optional UX-9100 required)
Icom Independent dual receivers
Icom Satellite mode operation
RTTY demodulator and decoder
Icom Ample CW functions
Icom Double conversion superheterodyne
Icom +30dBm class third-order intercept point
Icom Three first IF filters (3/6/15kHz) for HF/50MHz band
Icom Built-in antenna tuner for HF/50MHz band
Icom D-STAR DV mode
(optional UT-121 D-STAR unit required)
Icom HF/50MHz, 144MHz 100W, 430/440MHz 75W
Icom 32-bit floating point DSP & 24-bit AD/DA converters
AGC loop management
Icom Digital IF filter
Icom Noise reduction
Icom Noise blanker
Icom Manual notch filter and auto notch filter
Icom High frequency stability
IC-9100 High Resolution Image
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