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ID-800H D-STAR tranceiver
VHF/UHF digital transceiver Ö Icomís most powerful mobile!
Icom Dual band 2m and 70cm
Icom 55W/50W (VHF/UHF) powerful output
Icom DV (Digital Voice + slow data) mode
D-STAR compatible
Icom GPS receiver capable with optional serial GPS receiver

Text message, callsign exchange and callsign squelch

Icom Switchable VHF/UHF dual band with wideband receiver
Icom Controller detachable from main unit
(separation cable standard)
Icom Large tuning dial and band switch button
Icom Multi-colour display (amber, yellow and red)
Icom 512 memory channels with scan feature
Icom CTCSS and DTCS standard (Analog FM mode only)
Icom 16 DTMF memory channels
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