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IC-F521 / F621 VHF/UHF mobile tranceiver
256 Channels, conventional to expanded trunking operation
Icom Select the power you need:
  • VHF: F521 = 50W, F520 = 25W
  • UHF: F621 = 45W, F620 = 25W
Icom Full built-in tone-signalings
Icom Face the speaker in the direction you need
Icom MIL standard rugged construction
SmarTrunk II capability with optional UT-105
Icom Trunking capability
Icom Independent AF volume knob
Icom Wide/narrow (25/30, 12.5/15kHz) spacing is selectable per channel
Icom Wide band coverage of up to 50MHz (Depending on version)
Icom 10 scanning lists and normal and priority scan
Icom Microphone hanger function for priority channel,
monitor channel and scanning
Icom Optional DTMF mic (HM-100TN)
Icom Time-out timer, lock-out penalty timer and more
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