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IC-F1721 / F1821 / F2721 / F2821 VHF/UHF mobile tranceiver
P25 compliant for digital migration
Icom The following are the available transceivers in this series:
  • VHF and UHF transceivers without 10-keypad
    • VHF: IC-F1721D (P25 digital), F1721 (analog)
    • UHF: IC-F2721D (P25 digital), F2721 (analog)
  • VHF and UHF transceivers with 10-keypad
    • VHF: IC-F1821D (P25 digital), F1821 (analog)
    • UHF: IC-F2821D (P25 digital), F2821 (analog)
Icom Frequency ranges:
  • VHF: IC-F1721/D, F1821/D = 136-174MHz
  • UHF: IC-F2721/D, F2821/D = 400-470MHz
Icom Detachable front panel with optional remote mount kit
Icom Output power: 50W VHF, 45W UHF
256 memory channels and 32 zones
Icom DTMF Autodial
Icom Three choices to P25:
  • P25 factory installed, ready to go
  • Digital hardware installed, software later
  • Analog radio, hardware and software later
Icom Built-in multiple encode/decode for 5-tone, 2-tone CTCSS and BIIS signaling
Icom Programmable key assign function & channel spacing
Icom Built-in audio compander and inversion type
Icom Dot matrix, multi-function LCD with backlit keys
Icom MDC 1200 compatible
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