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IC-F3061 / F4061 VHF/UHF handheld tranceiver
IC-F3061_F4061 Digital (with UT-119H), multi-mode LM handheld
Wide frequency coverage
  • VHF: 136-174MHz(IC-F3061 series)
  • UHF(Low): 400-470MHz(IC-F4061 series)
  • Wide and narrow channel bandwidth (25/12.5kHz, 30/15kHz)
    is also programmable.
Basic LTRR/Conventional mixed mode operation
Icom P54/55 Dust-protection and splash, water jet resistance
Icom Lithium-ion battery pack
Icom Most popular signalings built-in
Icom Decode ten 2-Tone codes or eight 5-Tone codes on a channel
  When a matched tone is received, the following actions are programmable for each code
  • Beep sound
  • Bell icon
  • Auto TX
  • Answer back call
  • Stun/kill radio
  • Scan
Wide frequency range and large channel capacity
Icom Full dot-matrix LCD
Icom Voting mode scanning
Icom Enhanced audio with a BTL amplifier
Icom Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler
8 DTMF autodial memories
Powerful 5W output both VHF and UHF and more...
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