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IC-F33G / F43G series VHF and UHF handheld transceivers
IC-F33G_F43G Four versions with advanced features
Frequency range: (S: simple version, T: full key version)
  • IC-F33GS/F33GT: VHF, 136-174MHz
  • IC-F43GS/F43GT: UHF, 400-470MHz
Icom Simple operation and compact design
Icom Rugged construction (Die cast aluminium chassis)
Icom 256 Channels (8 character alpha tagging)
Icom CTCSS / DTCS encode & decode
Icom 2 or 5-tone encoder/decoder (ANI & Selcall)
Icom MDC1200 or BIIS signalling ( Programmable)
Icom 8 programmable keys
Icom Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler
  • Man-down unit (UT-124)
  • DTMF decoder (UT-108)
  • More secure scrambling available
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