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IC-F9011/F9021 T/S/B VHF P25 conventional and trunked transceivers
Featured for the first responder
T-version has full keypad, S-version simple keypad.
Icom B-version has no LCD or keypad to simplify operation and misuse
Icom P25 VHF conventional and trunking capabilities are standard
Icom Interoperability allows use with other P25 conforming equipment
Icom Digital and mixed mode operation is allowed
Memories include up to 100 individual ID and 250 talk groups
Icom Encryption modes AES and DES are available with optional hardware
Icom Encryption toggle switch gives easy selection of operating zone
T/S versions have large display to show operating status
Icom 6W RF output power with 3040mAh Li-ion battery pack
Icom Rugged construction with IP57 dust-tight and waterproof protection
Icom 1000mW audio output power with built-in BTL amplifier
Icom VOX function for hands-free operation
Icom Optional waterproof microphone
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