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IC-R6 Wideband handheld receiver
  The 100 Ch/Sec Wideband Signal “Search Machine”
0.100 to 1309.995MHz wideband coverage with AM, FM, WFM modes
Icom 100 ch/second high speed scan
Icom 15 hrs. of continuous receive capability
Icom Total of 1300 memory channels
Icom 150mW audio output power
Optional drop-in charger stand, BC-194
Icom VSC (voice squelch control) function
Icom Earphone cord antenna for AM aviation as well as FM broadcasts
Icom CI-V control capability with optional CT-17
Icom External DC power jack
Icom Compact drip resistant construction
Built in ferrite bar antenna for AM
Icom CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
Icom PC programming capabilities
Icom Priority watch function with beep sound
Icom Auto power off timer
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