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IC-R9500 LF to SHF professional all mode receiver
Dual DSP units provide superb receiver performance and spectrum analysis
Icom Wideband coverage (0.005-3335.000 MHz)
Icom Modes available: USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM, WFM
P25 with optional UT-122
Icom Superb performance with D-MOS FET array and excellent IMD roofing filter
Multi spectrum scope with 4 modes and peak search function
Icom 7-inch multi-function LCD display
Icom Dual DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
for receiver & spectrum scope functions
Icom Multiple RSSI
(Signal Indication) meters (S-meter, dBµ, dBµ[emf] & dBm)
Icom Multiple (5) roofing filters providing improved selectivity
Icom Digital voice recorder and voice synthesizer are built-in
Icom High frequency stability (±0.05ppm)
OCXO (Oven Control Crystal Oscillator) in use
Icom Reference frequency Input/Output terminal (10MHz)
Icom PC remote control with optional CI-V interface and RS-232C
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